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April PR, Newsletter or Other. October Globalization of local risks through international investments. Diversion: Terry Tao writes on whether one needs to be a genius to do mathematics here. Lecture Random variables, indicator random variables, expectation, expected number of heads is np, expected number of fixed points of a permutation, linearity of expectation.

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Notes for expectation here. Slides on expectation. You should know all of it except the bit where linearity doesnt always hold for products of random variables. Lecture Probability space of permutations and n-bit binary sequences, random graphs are almost surely bipartite, birthday paradox, the union bound, independence. Slides on basic probability.

You should know all of it.

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Notes for probability here. Diversion: An article on the Monty Hall problem and related questions here. Notes on Number Theory Section 5. Slides used in class here. Notes on Number Theory Chapter 6. More notes on Number Theory Sections 2, 3. Another set of slides that you should go through here. Lecture Bucket-filling problem, linear combinations, linear combinations are exactly multiples of GCD. Notes on Number Theory Chapter 4. More notes on Number Theory Sections 2, 3 and 4. Lecture Properties of division, division algorithm, GCD, Euclid's algorithm, fundamental theorem of arithmetic.

Notes on Number Theory Chapters 4 and 5. More notes on Number Theory Sections 1 and 5.