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How can I reduce the noise in these measurements?

Peter R Saulson - Shot noise and Radiation Pressure noise (Classic view /Poisson fluctuations)

If your thermocouple is ground referenced, use a differential measurement. Use shielded, twisted pair wires for the two signals, and connect the shielding to either AIGND or the ground of your thermocouple.

Select the maximum gain available, as thermocouples operate in a very small voltage range. Additional Information A differential measurement helps eliminate noise by rejecting noise that is common to both lines of the differential pair.


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Noise and Fluctuations in Photonics, Quantum Optics, and Communications, Conference Details

Georg Joos. Linus Pauling. Derek F. Hans Reichenbach. Michael Tinkham. James Clerk Maxwell. Jean Dufay. Niels Bohr. Terrell L.

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Noise and Fluctuations : An Introduction. Description An understanding of fluctuations and their role is both useful and fundamental to the study of physics. This concise study of random processes offers graduate students and research physicists a survey that encompasses both the relationship of Brownian Movement with statistical mechanics and the problem of irreversible processes.

It outlines the basics of the physics involved, without the strictures of mathematical rigor. The three-part treatment starts with a general survey of Brownian Movement, including electrical Brownian Movement and "shot-noise," Part two explores correlation, frequency spectrum, and distribution function, with particular focus on application to Brownian Movement. The final section examines noise in electric currents, including noise in vacuum tubes and a random rectangular current. Frequent footnotes amplify the text, along with an extensive selection of Appendixes.

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