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Warren G. House of Representatives 69 percent were members of the secret society of Freemasonry, as were 30 of the 48 members of the U.

The Priestly Conspirators and the Traitor

Senate 63 percent. Woodrow Wilson was President of the United States for two terms: Wilson selected a variety of Masonic cabinet members who held many prominent and powerful positions: Carter Glass - 33rd degree Mason -Secretary of the Treasury and U. Senator from Virginia th to 65th Congresses He was a member of Hill City Lodge No. Edwin T. Meredith - 33rd degree -Secretary of Agriculture Meredith was governor of Iowa in He was also the publisher of the Farmer's Tribune and Successful Farming. He became a member of Capitol Lodge No. William G. McAdoo was the first chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.

He married President Wilson's daughter. He was also a U. Senator from California He was a member of Howard Lodge No. William Jennings Bryan -Secretary of State. Bryan was a member of the 52nd and 53rd Congresses. As Secretary of State he negotiated 30 treaties. Bryan edited the Omaha World- Herald from He was "raised" in Lincoln Lodge No.

Albert S.

Unholy Empire (#02 in Chronicles Of The Host Series) by D Brian Shafer | Koorong

Burleson -Postmaster General Member of 56th to 63rd Congresses from Texas. Member of the Masonic bodies of Austin, Texas. William B. Wilson -Secretary of Labor , U. He helped organize the United Mine Workers. He received degrees in Bloss Lodge No. James Marion Baker -Secretary of the U. Senate in Court of Appeals Initiated in Phoenix Lodge No.

Unholy Empire (Chronicles of the Host, Book 2)

As more evidence is unveiled, we begin to understand the bigger picture. Two Masonic promoters of the Federal Reserve were: 1. Senator Robert L. Owen, the representative of the European Rothschilds.

In the senate, he drafted the Federal Reserve Act. He received his 32nd degree on November 7, Senator Nelson W. Aldrich, the maternal grandfather to the Rockefeller brothers.

He was a member of What Cheer Lodge No. Roosevelt that socialism gained a stranglehold on this country.

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As indicated in previous Senate documentation, under Roosevelt a whole host of Communists entered the government. When the war broke out during his administration, the worldgovernment- promoting Council on Foreign Relations was made an adjunct of the U. Hiss was a known Communist and a member in good standing of the Council on Foreign Relations. That was no problem for FDR who proudly proclaimed that "several of the best friends I've got are Communists.

Wallace, vice-president to Franklin D. Roosevelt, induced the Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau, to place the Great Pyramid of Giza on the then new dollar bill. Spenser states that Wallace had been drawn into contact with a Russian mystic in the late s named Dr. Nicholas Roerich. Roerich was an associate of the Moscow Art Theater. Wallace associated with known Communists like Owen Lattimore for decades.

His acceptance of them and by them eventually culminated in his becoming a candidate for President as a member of the Progressive Socialist Party. He was also a member of the Northern Jurisdictions's Lodge No. Wallace was Vice-President from Henry Morgenthau, Jr. He was a Mason and a member of Obed Lodge No. President Roosevelt had as Masonic stable-mates: George H. From to Dern was a member of the Utah state senate. He was "raised" in Wasatch Lodge No. Robert H. Supreme Court.


As a member of Mt. Moriah Lodge No. Secretary of Commerce , first assistant Postmaster General , Commissioner of Internal Revenue Roper was "raised" in Federal Lodge No. At one time he was general manager of the Hearst newspapers. He co-purchased the Chicago Daily News in and became its publisher.

Although he was a Republican nominee for vice president in , FDR appointed him Secretary of the Navy in his cabinet.

I. INTRODUCTION - 2 Cor. 6:14-17

He was "raised" in Bethel Lodge No. Homer Cummings -Attorney General Cummings graduated from Yale. He was a delegate to the National Democratic Convention seven times. He was "raised" in Hiram Lodge No.

Jesse Jones -Secretary of Commerce He was director of the Reconstruction Finance Corp. From he was chairman of the executive committee of the Export-Import Bank. He was the owner and publisher of the Houston Chronicle. Daniels of the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia. Claude A.

Senator from Virginia, , U. While his confirmation was pending it was disclosed that Black had been a member of the Klu Klux Klan. He was also a two term Senator from Alabama Black was "raised" in Ashland Lodge No. He was the chief prosecutor of Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg in He was U. He was a member of Mt. William O. Douglas -Associate Justice of Supreme Court from In , Douglas stayed the execution of convicted spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, but his action was reversed by the full Court. In there was an unsuccessful effort made to impeach Douglas, ostensibly for his paid activities on behalf of the Parvin Foundation, a charitable organization with alleged ties to organized crime.

Adams Lodge No. Stanley F.


Reed -served as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court from He was a member of Maysville Lodge No. He was present in Washington, D. Marshall was "raised. Byrnes -Associate Justice of the Supreme court Wiley B. Rutledge -Associate Justice of the Supreme Court He was Associate Justice of the U. Court of Appeals for D. From Rutledge was dean of the college of law at the State University of Iowa. Franklin D. Roosevelt was good for the cause of one world socialism. He was awarded 12 years and 3 terms in office.

Harry Truman succeeded FDR. It is important to remember that the U. The U.